Southern Region Vice President of Program: Timothy Simpson

Timothy is from Columbia, SC in Indian Waters Council.  He was introduced to the Venturing program through Crew 71 in Steilacoom, WA.

Timothy has been involved in the Scouting program since Cub Scouts in the first grade, and he has enjoyed all of his Scouting experiences through the years. He became an Eagle Scout with Crew 737 of Elgin, SC.

Timothy has served as the Southern Region Area 5 Venturing President, Western Region Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Communications, Council VOA President, and Crew President. His training includes National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC), Venturing Leadership Skills for Crews (VLSC), Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) and National Leadership Seminar (NLS). Timothy has Staffed ILSC, VLSC, LLD and numerous Area Leadership Development Conferences.  Timothy hopes to build on the past successes of the previous Southern Region Vice Presidents of Program.  He hopes to encourage events in all Areas and to support programs in training and high adventure from the Council and up. He looks forward to working with all of his peers this coming year and would like to set an example of effective Program for the Region.