Southern Region Venturing Vice President of Communication: Leah Todd

Leah is from Dunwoody, Georgia, which is part of Atlanta Area Council and Area 9. She served as the Atlanta Area Council VOA Vice President of Administration, the Area 9 Vice President of Administration, and the Area 9 Venturing President. She was awarded the Venturing Leadership Award from her council, and has earned her Venturing Award. She attended Philmont in the summer of 2015, and plans to attend Northern Tier as well as NAYLE in the summer of 2016. Leah has staffed three NYLT courses for the Atlanta Area Council.

Outside of scouting, she is attending the University of Georgia. In high school Leah played softball and was in the marching band all four years, and she was also a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the Academy of Biotechnology. Some of her hobbies include snow-skiing, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and telling corny jokes!

Leah is looking forward to her term as the Southern Region Vice President of Communication. Her vision is to help strengthen the communication between the Region and the Areas, as well as the communication between each Area and their Councils in order to create a clear network for communication between all ventures across the Region.  Venturing has provided Leah with a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to grow, and she wishes to give back to the Venturing Program by serving in this position to the best of her ability.