Michael Labaza: Area 7 Venturing President

Hello Area 7! My name is Michael Labaza and I am happy to be serving as your 2017-2018 Venturing President. I started venturing back in 2011 and have served in many leadership positions such as President and VP of Administration for my venturing crew, the Shenandoah Area Council VOA President, and Southern Region Area 7 Venturing VP of Program. I have taken NYLT and was a Troop Guide for one of the courses. Since 2013 I have been on staff for Summer Camp at Camp Rock Enon. I am currently working towards my Summit and Ranger.

In this term I hope to accomplish a lot. One of the goals is to host our very first wide scale event called, “The Last Venturer”. Secondly I would like to help the councils build their VOAs and give them the tools, advice, and support to achieve their goals. Additionally I would like to start a database of information that will help not only the area grow but also the Region. Most importantly I would like to make new friendships, memories, and a new pathway for the future venturers in Area 7!

Feel free to contact me at area7srvpresident@gmail.com