AJ McGugin : Area 6 Venturing President

Hiya! My name is Mykal Phinney and I am the new SR Area 6 VOA President. I am super pumped to serve during the 2016-2017 term! Previously, I served as the Middle Tennessee Council VOA’s President after being involved in other roles. My favorite award I have earned is the Four Star Award with the P.R.A.Y program. Apart from scouts I enjoy golf, sailing, running, and dancing. Of course I enjoy doing all these activities with friends! As a proud Hufflepuff I say “Puff Pride” a lot, and just for fun I create steampunk outfits in my spare time. Two big goals I have for the next year are strengthening inter-area communications as well as planning the very first Area 6 event. I look forward to accomplishing these goals with your support and enthusiasm for Venturing!