Final Report by Douglas Taylor, 2015-2016 Southern Region Venturing President

Good Day Southern Regioners,

It has been a sensational year in the Southern Region and I want to thank everyone for their hard work. Typically, in a letter like this I would continue to say thank you to individuals that have contributed a lot to the Southern Region Venturing program, but there are to many to list! Instead I want to take this opportunity to challenge everyone. While my and other terms ends that doesn’t mean that the work we have begun will cease.

This year was the first year…

  • Every Area had full Venturing Officers Association.
  • Regional Venturing orientation.
  • An increase of councils VOA by 5%
  • 36+ CSVEs Filled out (13 Bronze and 13 Silver)
  • Two new merchandise items
  • One awesome Regional Venturing Officers Association (made up of Hannah Wheaton, Maria Hagen, David Perez Ulloa, Emmalou Baker, Katie Hancock, J.T. Devenport, Lydia Borah, Timothy Simpson, Spencer Siefke, Treaston King, Morgan Danker, Leah Todd, Ricky Garcia, Pete Armstrong, and Jennifer Hancock)
  • 20,000+ miles of Officer Travel
  • 100+ Visits to Councils VOA Meetings, Events, Area Events, etc.

We did a lot, but it doesn’t end here! Tomorrow is another chance to make Venturing even better! And that doesn’t start with any National, Regional, Area officer, it starts with you, and I mean it. We were able to travel around every where and visit thousands of Venturers and the one thing that they have in common is that they are family. Venturing is one big family!

The last thing that I want to as Southern Region President is challenge everyone, to make the program better. We can sit here and wait for someone to tell us what we need to do or we can take action and we can fix it. If you see that your council is losing Venturers, band together and try something new! I know we are taught to use our resources. However, you must take the initiative to make resources to solve crises!

I trust that Lydia Borah and her VOA will be able to do exactly that, take charge and conquer! The Southern Region will always be the best region in the nation. And I’m not saying that because I’m biased, but because we have the most dedicated people in the entire nation. I have seen our people bend over backwards for others. That unselfish service is not only how we make our region better and our Scouting program, but the entire world. Never be afraid to put others first because I can promise when you do that, it is the most satisfying thing in the world! I have truly had the honor of serving as your Southern Region Venturing President!

As Edna Mode from the Incredibles says Go! Confront the Problem! Fight! WIN!

Go Venturing!

Douglas Taylor

2015-2016 Southern Region Venturing President


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